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Private Equity

Avaltos work in partnership with the leading Private Equity firms on a wide range of assignments. Our experience of engagements is extensive…

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Small & Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises typically have the organizational resources and support services in place to sustain day to day operations. However…

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Fortune 500

Avaltos has worked extensively with companies in the Fortune 500 across the various industries. We recognize the challenges and complexities…

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Automobile production makes up America’s largest manufacturing sector and contributes about 3.5% to the country’s total GDP. The millions of…

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Consumer Products

In an ultra-competitive market, powerful retailers and decreasing margins characterize the industry, couple that with the Amazon effect. More significant…

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Food And Beverage

The need to eliminate costs and maximize operational efficiencies while minimizing the level of discounting has never been more critical. These cost…

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Over the past decade, providers have seen dramatic changes in overall market dynamics, the delivery of care, the use of advanced technology…

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Mining & Metals

Global production trends in developing countries such as China, South America, and Africa have seen increases. A shift of mining from developed…

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Utilities & Energy

Utilities (water, electricity, and gas) are essential services that must be in place as part of any industrialized nation’s infrastructure, and their…

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Chemical companies are key players in a highly-interdependent network of companies that provides the foundational building blocks for many…

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Industrial Manufacturing

In today’s rapidly changing geopolitical world, corporations across all industrial manufacturing sectors are facing a new set of challenges and…

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Oil and Gas

In response to the industry’s prolonged squeeze in profits, many companies have scaled back investments in capital and talent. As the average…

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