Revenue Enhancement

In today’s challenging ever-evolving environment, the revenue line is always under pressure. Competition is fierce, and consumers are savvy and increasingly demanding. Consumers have evolved and look for selection, convenience, next day delivery.
We will work with your business to pair our world-class data analytics solutions with years of experience across multiple industries in order to gain analytical insight, identify enhancement opportunities, and to begin multiplying your revenue on a sustainable basis.

We tailor solutions to your business by utilizing a five-step methodology. Our process allows us to identify and mitigate revenue issues while delivering value-based solutions in record time.
During the Analysis phase of our process, we assess the impact of the specific challenges and pain-points related to the following six areas of Revenue Enhancement:

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revenue leakage, recovery and assurance

Revenue Leakage has the highest priority in our Analysis-Engagements. The causes for revenue leakage can be extensive and range from: sub-optimized pricing and discounting structures; insufficient rigor applied to sales, accounts, contracts, and risks; material waste factors; last-minute cancelations; change orders; shorter than agreed lead times; inefficient or inaccurate order; billing; cash collection; cash application; poorly designed processes and systems; to fraudulent activity.

In our experience, these challenges are more prevalent in businesses that have rapidly increased their revenue lines (through acquisition or organic growth), have large volumes of transactional activity, or have complex product-service pricing frameworks.
Our services include rigorous value-stream mapping, detailed research, and analytics to determine the root causes behind revenue leakage. We work with your organization to put in place practical solutions that address the identified issues quickly, efficiently, and recover the lost revenues and profits. The overall purpose is to proactively identify, recuperate, and mitigate revenue leakage throughout the entire revenue cycle. Our approach involves a five-step process to include:

strategic venture and project development

Senior Leadership must always be a step ahead in identifying and delivering valuable strategic venture and projects that alight with the company’s overall strategy.
Avaltos is ready to assist in the decision-making process by identifying, evaluating, and selecting investment ventures and projects with the most impact on your organization’s competitive advantage and bottom line.

When evaluating any strategic investment, it requires the assessment of measurable as well as subjective factors. With our experience, we can help your company strike a perfect balance. Our five-step process includes: the evaluation of strategy, research, due diligence, execution, and monitoring.
Every step follows a methodology where internal and external factors are researched, evaluated, documented, measured, and quantified. Research and Data analytics are crucial in the process, as they are tools that allow for better decision making. With our help, we will empower your business to make the right decisions.
We understand that companies typically don’t have the experience, expertise or skill set in-house to accomplish this, and that is why you can count on us to deliver comprehensive strategic analyses that include Cost-Benefit Proposals, Quantitative & Qualitative Analyses, Cash Flow Analyses, Strategic Internal and External Alignment Analyses.

pricing strategies

Pricing is a vital part of any business. Any price increases or decreases impact the bottom line. While short-term gain may be achieved, the focus has to be on generating a sustainable up-tick in revenues that customers recognize as value for money.

Getting pricing right requires process-driven analytics, metrics, and discipline. At Avaltos we help our clients mine data and identify opportunities to improve their current position. We help execute required changes to reach the right balance of price and volume, which will in turn drive market share and profitability.

Pricing and profitability management can be extremely complex and risky, and only by building improvements in pricing capabilities (organization, processes, and metrics) can this drive sustainable long-term value. Analytics can lead the way in laying the groundwork for the right pricing and profitability management approach that best fits your company. We can help improve margins and deliver the insights required to take pricing strategies to the next level by implementing ones that incorporate customer feedback, market intelligence, and end customer pricing in order to better position and leverage opportunities.

sales effectiveness

Having an effective sales process is critical to the business. Selling capabilities must be in alignment and equipped with adequate processes, procedures, and tools in order to get the highest return on investment.
For companies whose main priority is growth, one of the most significant opportunities in this area is making sales more productive. But sales models for many companies, especially large ones, have become more complex and less efficient, which is putting undue pressure on profit margins and retarding growth. Companies that do little to rethink their model are burden with a larger, cumbersome sales organization that not only erodes margins but misses the most prominent opportunities with high-value customers.

We help our clients gain a competitive advantage by conducting in-depth analysis, using metrics and benchmarking, in order to obtain a deep understanding of organizational processes, to unlock the full potential of the company’s marketing and sales resources. We prioritize improvements and help implement changes that immediately increase the sales pipeline.

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