Product & Customer Optimization

Products and customers are the lifeblood of every business, and the success of your company hangs in the balance of simultaneously offering the right products to the right customers, and the best quality for the best price.

We can assist in optimizing your product and customer portfolios so that you can increase market penetration, sell your products better, expand your customer base, and improve overall profitability.

Data Analytics enables businesses to make informed decisions about which product and strategies to deploy while forecasting how these decisions might affect their consumer base, and therefore future success.

Our comprehensive approach allows us to analyze your data through multiple models and present it to management along with our recommendations, and insights. Furthermore, when the technology tools in place are not adequate, we recommend and assist in the roll-out of a stack of technology solutions so that your business can control and monitor along with our proven methodologies on an ongoing basis.

In-depth analysis is carried out with the help of the appropriate stakeholders within the company to profile, segment, and tier both their products and their customers. Then a strategy is developed and implemented. This strategy is focused on growth, optimization, and rationalization while evaluating the company business model and the value proposition. Finally, a deployment roadmap is developed along with action plans for current and future market dynamics.

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portfolio rationalization

Rationalizing your portfolio advances your profitability, frees up valuable resources, simplifies operations, and streamlines supply chains. Companies with multiple products or service lines benefit the most and see an immediate boost on cash flow.

Portfolio opportunities are identified based on facts rather than anecdotal or historical references. Customers are more demanding than ever before, brand loyalty is no longer there, and to compound things customers want things now and at the lowest possible price. The value of your products needs to be created and communicated effectively. Adding features or attributes to a product does not work anymore. By aligning rationalization targets with strategy, your organization can realize increases on efficiencies, sales, profitability, and overall cost savings.

The most successful companies have a strategy in place to not only implement new products but also to rationalize them as well. We do a thorough analysis to help your business make informed decisions when it comes to eliminating or outsourcing products and product variations that no longer “fit” into a flexible environment, have excessive overhead demands, have limited future potential, or are not profitable.

Portfolio Rationalization encourages companies to focus on their best products, which in turn allows resources that were being wasted on the low-leverage products to then be focused on growing the “cash cows.”

We understand that organizations often find reasons not to pull the trigger. Internal review processes are often troublesome when reviewing various portfolios because of personal attachments, biases, “sacred cows,” etc. It is usually to your benefit to have an independent review done of products to take preference out of the process. Our expertise has helped similar companies sift through their catalog of legacy products, develop decision tools to evaluate and organize the product sets, and define new processes for launching new, growing existing, and retiring old products.

Rationalizing the product portfolio is a management process that requires a level of rigor in gathering and analyzing data, defining performance measurements, identifying product underperformance, determining how to improve performance, and eliminating underperforming SKUs. We also look at the gross margin return on investment (GMROI). All companies need to have a well-defined process to maintain their product portfolios periodically.

With our help you can meet, monitor, and process your objectives.

customer satisfaction improvement

A sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved when clearly defined service standards are in place, and the staff is committed to service excellence.

When service standards are met and exceeded, along with positive customer experience, the result is a competitive advantage. By working with your stakeholders, we develop actionable and measurable solutions specific to each customer or customer segment depending on customer segmentation and or business priorities.

It is essential to understand that every customer interaction is an indicator of performance, and it is also a valuable insight into potential opportunity. Company growth is dependent on customer interaction. The challenge comes from how to gather data, analyze, develop and implement customer or segment-based strategies while refining sales and channel management approaches, so that targeted customer segments can be served to better maximize sales and minimize costs. We work with your team to develop solutions to expand and keep a loyal customer base with minimal disruption to your business.

Our solutions enable your organization to listen and understand your customer, be proactive, manage customer expectations while elevating the customer experience. We achieve this by setting systems and processes that are well defined and streamlined, while also harnessing the power of the latest business technology tools. As a result critical insights are gathered, allowing your company to understand what matters and motivates your customers and prospects alike, creating growth opportunities and or new offerings, allowing your company to expand your customer base and market share adding to your company’s increased revenue and profit.

emerging market opportunities

By providing a host of solutions to develop the strategic RoadMap for new market entry, set up and sales teams deployment, warehousing, logistics, E-commerce, we make brands successful in foreign and emerging markets such as Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Eastern Europe, and the UAE.

We manage the operation on behalf of the client until the client decides to take over the localized in-country operations. By providing all the groundwork to enter these markets, companies can have a successful market entry. We provide you with the proper long term vision and practices. Once properly localized and operating, we manage 100% of all the aspects of the business and E-commerce ecosystem by utilizing proven methodologies that provide market growth and profitability to our clients.

We work with highly motivated global brands looking at entering emerging markets competitively. Our systematic solutions allow brands to determine how competitive they will be before a full-blown rollout. Our in-depth market research and studies highlight both opportunities and threats to allow brands to make the best of their emerging market participation and achieve great results.

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