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new product introduction

In today’s business environment, customers have changed considerably; customers want convenience, better features, social responsibility, choices, lower prices, and they want it now.
Listening to customers is vital, because their feedback and ideas, translate into innovation and new products.
Simply adding new features will no longer be a sufficient and sustainable growth methodology. Instead, it’s vital to retain and attract more customers by adding new products to your portfolio in record time, before your competitors do. It is necessary to have robust processes in place in order to identify the ideas that create the most value.
It is vital that you prioritize research and evidence related to your product and market by running research and experiments with a Build, Measure, Learn Model. New products can no longer be developed in just in terms of demographics; market segmentation has evolved significantly, and it has added more dimensions to your target audience. Affluencers, Influencers, Luxury Lushes, Everyday Experts, Carefully Conscious, Forever Single are some of the examples.

Increased market competition and the complexities of bringing a new product to a market are leading many companies to add integrated product development capabilities. However, they often lack the strategy, processes, tools, or vision to make those new capabilities work efficiently. Bringing product development and engineering processes to full efficiency takes both strategic and operational insight. Having a robust New Product Introduction Plan in place can help your company meet cost, quality, and scheduling goals associated with launching a new product and decreasing time to market.
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productivity and process improvement

Increasing the productivity of your company’s processes and systems are key to value creation.
Every department has different resources and skillsets, we custom design productivity and continuous improvement solutions based on various well-known methodologies. Our approach is not a standardized one size fits all approach. Instead, we understand the complexities of business units and departments without losing sight of the overall objectives: increasing profit and performance while reducing costs and accelerating results by harnessing the power of the latest business process technologies.
By first documenting current processes, outputs and analyzing the current state, we can apply a comprehensive approach to optimizing underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. We utilize Business Process Improvement, Process Redesign, and Business Process re-engineering methodologies along with data, financial analytics, and value stream mapping to identify and document your current processes and efficiency levels. As a result, areas of opportunity are identified and benchmarked industry-wide to determine the end state, along with guidelines and KPI metrics, to implement new processes that support your goals and objectives.
As part of the engagement, we provide training to elevate the skill set within all departments involved. Also, all processes are developed and build around for Cadence; the pursuit of productivity and process improvement never ends; it is a company-wide effort, procedures need to be adjusted and optimized continuously, moving the communication within the organization from a Silo to a Pipeline model. We will work collaboratively across your organization to support objectives that will improve cost efficiencies, operating margins, encouraging innovation, and increasing customer responsiveness across the value chain.

labor efficiencies

Labor is a critical component of operational effectiveness and a significant percentage of overall company expenditures. However, whether it is company employees or temporary workers, they are a challenge to manage. Effective workforce utilization requires a well-defined set of policies that include planning, budgeting, scheduling, and key performance indicators. We partner with your leadership team to build a comprehensive, competitive, measurable, and sustainable staffing model through strategic focus, business connection, and implementation.
Our approach to optimizing labor resources begins with understanding the strategic drivers of your labor needs. We then apply industry benchmarks to ensure adequate staff utilization and appropriate performance standards. With our breadth of experience across many industries, we can help your company evaluate current position functions and align measures and incentives tailored to your business. Leadership will inform managers and employees of these changes to create accountability in meeting company objectives.
Balancing personnel cost reduction in areas where employee numbers or pay scales are too high, along with that of retaining or hiring people with the right skill set is challenging. It requires insight into your business and that of your competitors as well as from your industry. We can also evaluate your temporary labor contracts and look at offshoring or outsourcing opportunities if these are viable options for your business.
Our solutions are designed to help your organization link business strategies to advanced analytics for overall performance improvement. By utilizing comparative workforce data, industry background information, and analytics solutions, so that we can deliver valuable insights to your management team for informed decision-making, labor resources optimization, and expense reduction.

quality management

Quality Management includes all aspects of your organization’s quality program and must be designed to manage, track and report all your quality metrics while ensuring product quality and compliance.
Quality can not be associated with losses or defects only. It must be a comprehensive set of tools and processes, so your organization can be consistent in its product offerings. As we work with your company, we can help to develop a Quality Management program that is focused not only on product quality but also on the means to achieve it.
There are different methods for quality improvement; however, we have found that the best success rates are determined by leadership commitment, knowledge, and expertise that guides the scope of changes, various improvements, and growth from stakeholders.

We use root cause analysis tools within a lean manufacturing environment to identify and reduce scrap losses. We achieve this by fact-based data collection, analyzing our findings, and finally developing a solution that utilizes charts and flow processes. Through this process, we not only reduce wastage and defects, but in many cases, we eliminate them. We have also found this method helpful in reducing overall equipment efficiency, breakdown, time loss, and customer complaints.

Performance improvement to a Quality Management system based on the eight ISO 9001 principles.

There are different methods for quality improvement, we have found that the best success rates are determined by leadership commitment, knowledge and expertise to guide improvement, scope of change / improve and a desire to grow from all the stakeholders.

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