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strategic optimization call

Our process starts by having an open phone conversation with our client about their business challenges, constraints, revenue issues, supplier issues, business processes issues, weak internal links, and areas of improvement from their point of view.

The next step is to evaluate our client’s industry and sector, which also includes identifying appropriate trends, suppliers, competitors, macroeconomic conditions, and technology opportunities. Based on our evaluations, we will set an appropriate benchmark of where our client stands in comparison.

By conducting the appropriate client versus industry and sector due diligence, we will be in a better position to fully delve into the client’s challenges and needs.

The deliverable of the Strategic Optimization Call is a high-level study that is presented to the client’s Senior Management during the Cash and Operations Optimization Assessment.
The high-level work efforts are undertaken at Avaltos expense, and it will take 1-3 days to complete.

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cash and operations optimization assessment

As a next step, we meet with our client’s Senior Management to present the High-Level Benchmark Study to further understand their problems as well as current and future business objectives. As a result, scope areas are confirmed and additional ones are identified.

Next, by working with Senior Management, further feedback and input are attained by conducting a side by side analysis and swot analysis.

Finally, a high-level financial review is conducted to arrive at an estimation of the opportunity. Based on the opportunity estimation and improvement opportunities, the next steps are agreed upon with Senior Management.

The deliverable of The Assessment is a formal proposal to undertake the next phase in the process (The Strategic Business Analysis) and ends with the client making the Go or No-Go decision to proceed.

The Assessment work efforts are undertaken at Avaltos expense.

strategic business analysis

The Strategic Business Analysis is a fast-moving, multi-week program that identifies a pragmatic, structured roadmap of solutions to well-framed business issues.

During the Strategic Business Analysis Stage, we prioritize scope areas agreed on from the Assessment Stage in order to best address the challenges and needs of the client. The analysis consists of three steps:

STEP #1: We establish hypotheses based on an accurate and objective As-Is Assessment of Performance. During this assessment, we identify significant operating issues that are preventing our client from meeting their objectives.

STEP #2: We conduct a deep-dive analysis by using proven tools and techniques to qualify and quantify the financial and/or operational impact of the issues from Step 1. By working with the process owners, further opportunities are either identified or confirmed.

STEP #3: We create the “Approach” or path forward to address the financial and operational hindrances of the issues. Furthermore, we address the financial and operational benefits of opportunities and what it takes to realize them. The “Approach” includes a summary of what actions need to be taken or executed, and it may also include: activities, deliverables, policies, processes, systems, and resources required.

The end product delivered is a summary of findings, opportunities, and areas of value creation based on the client’s strategies, priorities, current constraints, barriers, and risks. Clients will also receive an Implementation Project Proposal that contains a robust and measurable business case and a roadmap of how to achieve accelerated ROI results.

At this point, the client will make the Go or No-Go decision to proceed to the Implementation or “Engagement” Phase.


The Implementation Project Proposal is executed by rolling out the proposed solutions and improvement goals from the Business Analysis; the targeted financial and or operational benefits are realized. Our implementation teams align and collaborate with senior leadership and functional groups to accelerate results within a compressed time table. This is done in order to create a sense of urgency to accomplish stated objectives while driving the transformation agenda.

Our team provides strong project governance and focus when it comes to the disciplined measurement and result tracking based project plan execution. Progress meetings are held regularly in order to ensure that we are still “tracking” in regards to initiatives, cash flow, savings targets, and ROI.

We infuse best practices, training, and mentoring into your organization with the goal of priming internal teams for sustainable performance. We accomplish all of this, while delivering substantiated savings, implementing new approaches, methodologies, processes, infrastructure, and behavioral changes.

We transform and enhance your teams to perpetuate value creation through cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and productivity gains. With this newly acquired skill sets, your teams can create sustainability by identifying and leveraging new sources of value creation. This will allow your company to level up, reach new heights of performance, and become a strategic powerhouse.

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