Introducing a Performance-Based Culture Successfully in Portfolio Companies

A company’s culture creates value when it is performance-based. A terrific analogy is a sports fan supporting a favorite team. Sports fans are elated when their team wins. When a company has a performance-based culture, employees are elated when the company wins by improving performance.

Let’s take a look at a company’s culture and its creation and how to make its culture performance-based.

What is company culture?

A company’s culture is its identity comprised of its employees’ attitudes, beliefs, and values.

A company’s culture is somewhat intangible because it derives from formal rules in combination with the informal understanding of the people who work there. Culture encompasses knowledge, know-how, official rules, and agreed-upon norms of behavior.

The rules do not drive the culture. The culture arises from how individuals and groups within an organization respond to both the official rules and non-official yet compelling norms. Click here to read the complete article or Click here to Download a PDF Copy.

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